Enya Agerholm is a full time musician local to the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania area in Virginia. It’s likely you can find her playing gigs every weekend, anywhere from Northern Virginia to Richmond. She covers a wide variety of music styles with just her voice & a Martin guitar, making each song sound like her own without taking away from the original sound. Listeners claim to really enjoy the atmosphere Enya creates, they have often said her music to be “refreshing”.


Enya released her debut single- “Had it” on May 4th, 2019 & now has over 1,000 plays & streams on both ITunes & Spotify. Her time in the recording studio was part of an award package she earned after winning a competition hosted by local country music station, Thunder 104.5. Enya entered the summer competition for fun, showcased her talent & musical abilities, & went home with the title “Thunder Rising Star 2018”! Thunder added her song into their rotation after the release & it’s now been played over 250 times on their station! Constantly growing her reach & connecting with all types of artists, Enya has opened up for acts like Joey Cook, (7th place American Idol finalist-S14) & Contemporary Christian Band: Tenth Avenue North. She has also played pre-parties for country duo: Brothers Osborne, & Casey James (3rd place American Idol finalist-S9). Enya keeps well connected in her local music scene & considers all other musicians family rather than competition. That’s why you can also find her playing the same events with some other local favorites like Whiskey Revival, Scott McMillen, Big Rob & ETC, & Karen Jonas. Even some popular upcoming country bands like Radio Romance & Sam Grow!


Born in England, raised in Orange county VA, Enya Agerholm carried her musical roots to America. Her mother, Donna Mcginty, was born and raised in Ireland and her father, Ole Agerholm is from a small country called Denmark. Enya has one younger sister, Sorcha, who also has a natural love and talent for music. Although their father is a huge fan of country western music, Enya claims he cant carry a tune in a bucket! Therefore, all her (and her sister’s) musical talent came from their late mother who, everyone who knew her says, had a beautiful voice.
Enya has been singing since she could talk and as she grew her parents poured into supporting her love for music. From buying multiple karaoke machines throughout her childhood to providing Enya with vocal, and later guitar, lessons. Any way Enya could get involved with singing, performing, and being on stage for something, she was there.
As Enya grew into her teens it wasn't long before she was playing out and about at any venue she was old enough to play. Her music coach, Dave Goodrich, helped introduce her to the local music scene by having her open up for some of his shows along with hosting student showcases. One of Enya’s first solo gigs was at a restaurant where her dad, an executive chef, worked. She had only been performing occasionally since then until recently going full time in 2017.


Anyone can perfect a skill like playing guitar or even singing, the real test that makes or breaks an artist is songwriting. Fans of Enya Agerholm know she has not only perfected her skills in guitar playing and impressive vocal ability but also has a moving and impactful way with words in her original music.
“I’ve always written songs” Enya shares, “For as far back as I can remember, any time I didn't know how to express how I felt, I turned to songwriting.”
Looking back through her old songbooks she says to have a large variety of songs to and about friends, ex-boyfriends, her parents, God, letters to herself, and the list goes on.. Enya says sharing her songs with an audience is much like sharing her diary for everyone to hear. It takes you to a whole new level of self-awareness and requires a good amount of confidence.
“I guess I never realized how much of a songwriter I was until thinking about it recently. I could share countless occasions where, throughout my school years, I wrote a song to someone close to me and shared it with them. Once to a friend after having a fight, I wrote her an apology song, another time to a friend who was dating a guy that really didn't treat her well, I sang to her about how she deserves better. Normally it would end with both of us in tears. Then as I got older, the songs became deeper and more personal, I stopped sharing them as much.”
After experiencing a lot of tragedy in recent years, Enya says she’s just now coming out of a long season of holding back on sharing her songs. Which means she has a lot of material she’s ready to start recording, so stay tuned.


It can be easy to look at an aspiring musicians life, see their highlight real on social media, or even read a cool biography and think they have it all together but that’s mostly never true. From famous celebrities to everyday musicians just like Enya, everyone has their fair share of struggles. Sharing those hard topics are just how Enya wishes to relate to her audience most.

After growing up in an alcoholic home, Enya’s parents separated when she was entering high school. She then lost her mom towards the end of her senior year a few days shy of her 18th birthday. In the midst of all this she was also struggling with an abusive on and off high school relationship into early adulthood. Enya experienced a long period of time feeling isolated and was diagnosed with severe depression after finding herself pregnant at 19 and having to drop out of college. Even music wasn't a priority at this point.

Things got worse before they could get better, after an assault took place in August of 2017 Enya decided she had had enough. She fought a long battle in the court room where justice was eventually served. Enya gives all the credit to God for giving her the strength and courage to come out of such a dark place and onto a path of hope for a brighter future. She has since freed herself from all the negative relationships in her life and is now thriving as a single mother at 22 with a 3 year old beautiful daughter named Rosey.

Enya is a storyteller at heart, that’s why you can expect a lot of her upcoming songs to reflect one or more of these events in her life. Her hopes are not only to use her music as a release for herself, but for others to listen and relate their stories to hers. Listeners will find it easy to feel the emotions in Enya’s music, she wants people to know their not alone and direct them towards the comfort and hope she found in her life in the midst of all the tough stuff.